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Getting To Happy with Shireena Shroff Manchharam

Getting To Happy with Shireena Shroff Manchharam

In the special month of May as we celebrate Mother’s Day, we turn the lens to mothers. These everyday superheroes embody strength, unyielding support, unconditional love and so much more.

For busy moms, time is precious. From school drop-offs and meal preps to dentist visits and playdates, there never seems to be enough time for self-care. As moms ourselves, we can completely relate! Some days we cope admirably well but other times, we may struggle to cope.

The good news is wherever we are at, we can always learn to reset, reimagine and intentionally practise mindful living. After all, many baby steps lead to big wins in this parenthood journey. Perhaps no one knows this as intimately as Shireena Shroff Manchharam, Life and Happiness Coach and creator of Getting To Happy.

Shireena is a fellow mother whose passion is to help people live full and complete lives through small, intentional changes. We love her box set of 31 happiness cards, which provide daily motivations through practical science-based activities and tips. (P.S. - there is also an awesome kid’s set, which can be an exceptional bonding activity for you and your child!)

Today we are honoured to speak with Shireena on motherhood and her life-changing passion to make the world a happier place.

Hi Shireena! Tell us about yourself.

I am a Life Coach and happiness enthusiast and most importantly a mother of two.

What made you start Getting To Happy? 

I stared GTH during circuit breaker in Singapore in 2020 after realizing that all people wanted to know was how to keep their head above water, how to feel good and ultimately believe that happiness was in their control. GTH was born with the aim to inspire our community to live happier more mindful lives. The idea was to create a box set of 31 cards to serve as daily reminders and to use 1 card a day for 1 month to see a boost in happiness and well-being

Why is Getting To Happy important for ourselves and our children?

GTH is important for us to use as parents so we can be the best version of ourselves to care for our kids and family. For children, it can be a wonderful guide to teach them basic happy principles to living a mindful, happy life.

How would you describe your post-pandemic self?

In general I am a positive person, but now coming out of this pandemic and living with Covid has been a weight off my shoulders, and it truly feels liberating.

Coming out of the pandemic, my children and I have become closer through/ because of . . .

Because of the basic happy habits we implemented as a family during lockdown. We meditate as a family several times a week, we prioritize a tech-free, outdoor walk every Sunday to speak about our week and get in some family exercise time. We also practice gratitude daily, have learned to routinely declutter.

If you have one piece of advice to give to mothers trying to balance competing work and life needs, what would it be?

Write down all the to do lists that we have jumbled in our mind. Get a diary and plan and schedule as many things as you can, so when you do have free time, you can spend it on yourself or with your family.



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