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Conversation with Dr Aparna, KonMari® Consultant

Conversation with Dr Aparna, KonMari® Consultant

Today we are honoured to speak with Dr Aparna, KonMari® Consultant (@globalmindfuljourney). Dr Aparna is a doctor turned personal coach who empowers families to foster meaningful connections and create mindful environments in their homes through effective organising strategies.
At PreLouLou, we identify with her vision and definitely strive to de-clutter, lead a low waste lifestyle, and build meaningful connections with our families in our personal lives! As a female-led start up, we are also deeply inspired by Dr Aparna’s drive and passion in running her business.

Dr Aparna’s journey is inspired by Montessori philosophies and the KonMari® Method of tidying. The Montessori philosophy is about valuing the connection between adult, child and environment, as well as fostering self-motivating growth within children. The KonMari® Method believes in simplifying and organising to achieve a serene environment.

Her services at Global Mindful Journey include 1:1 ad-hoc coaching in tidying using KonMari® and Montessori-inspired principles and group coaching, where she provides masterclasses, support, and resources to aid families into achieving their goal of organisation and mindful growth over 12 weeks.

Do not hesitate to check her out at and contact her for more information, with an option of a free 30 minutes discovery call!

1. What are the main benefits of mindful living and teaching our little ones to practice the same philosophies?

The KonMari® Tidying Method is different from traditional organising methods as it encourages us to surround ourselves with joy and be intentional with not only our belongings but all aspects of our life. This changes our perspective to look at life positively amidst all challenges. It teaches us to show respect and gratitude to our belongings & how we look at our relationships with ourselves, our jobs, and our loved ones.

I no longer spend my free time stuck in a vicious cycle of buying-decluttering-buying because I am intentional with inviting items in my home that align with my values and priorities. Tidying has transformed how I parent so I can build trusting & positive relationships with my children. Teaching my children important life skills of contributing in a meaningful way at home with family tasks, has been one of the most fulfilling results of the KonMari® Method.

2. What is the one mistake that many homes make in terms of trying to set up a mindful environment? How do you think this can be avoided?

Most families tidy their homes by ‘location’ and not by ‘category’. They pick whichever area they think is the easiest, but this is a recipe for chaos as you would find yourself decluttering all your life as you would not remember where items are stored in the home due to them having multiple locations. To avoid getting into this cycle of constant decluttering, tidy your home by ‘category’ rather than location of your home. The KonMari® Method is designed to start with the easier categories of the home such as clothing before moving on to books, papers, miscellaneous items, and finally sentimental items. This categorical way of tidying will help ascertain how much you own in each of the categories (instead of having unnecessary duplicates around the home) & re-evaluate purchasing and storage habits.

3. Can you share 3 useful tips for parents struggling with a cluttered environment? How do you teach them to let go of things that they no longer need but hesitate to say goodbye to?

  • Have a clear vision of your WHY. When you know the real motivation behind your decluttering goals, it would guide you in your tidying efforts and ensure successful completion.
  • Start with smaller sub-categories within a large one (follow the correct order!). This will keep stress levels low and keep the momentum going.
  • Always focus on only your belongings first. Once you have confidently decided what you want to be surrounded by can you lead a positive example to the rest of the family and even inspire + support them in their own tidying journeys.

Before tidying, note down the different locations where you will be donating your things. Knowing where your items will be loved again will help with feelings of guilt and the letting go process a lot easier!

4. What inspired you to give up your medical career and pursue your passion?

Before becoming a KonMari® Consultant and Montessori positive parenting coach, I was a medical doctor in a public tertiary hospital in Singapore. It wasn't until I tidied up my home using a life-changing method that I decided to switch careers & find my life's calling. Removing the visual clutter from my home helped me have the mental clarity to find purpose in other areas of my life: my work, parenting style, and relationships with loved ones.

5. What was the most, or one of the most gratifying experiences that you’ve had so far running Global Mindful Journey? Do you have any advice for women who wish to start their own business or make a career switch?

The feeling I get when I wake up every day and feel immensely joyful and grateful to work with soulful clients (& not find my work a “chore”!) is one of the best to start my day with. Working around my children’s schedule gives me the flexibility to take on work that helps me spend time with them in their formative years.

For anyone wishing to switch careers, if your heart and soul tell you what your path is that lights you up every day, listen to it and go for it! You don’t need a fancy website or social media to start. Work with friends and family, get experience, and tweak your processes as you move along. Progress over perfection is my go-to mantra!



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