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Winter layering for your kids


Booked your first winter trip this year with your kids? It’s time to start packing and get those winter essentials ready before the big day. 

Winter layering is important for everyone, especially for kids. Kids tend to lose body heat faster than adults during cold weather due to their higher surface area-to-body mass ratio. To keep them warm and cozy, the essential rule of thumb is 3 layers of clothing - base, middle and outer. 

Checklist 1: Base Layer 

Base layers are the most important winter gear as they help to trap body heat and wick off moisture from the body.

A good base layer should be made of wool or synthetic fabric like polyester. These materials should snug comfortably on your kids’ skin as they are breathable and moisture-wicking. 

Tip: Do avoid using cotton as the base layer as it pulls heat away from our skin and takes a long time to dry once you perspire in it.

Checklist 2: Middle Layer 

This layer is an insulation layer that will help retain body heat by trapping air that is already warmed by our body. Make sure it is not too tight, and loose enough so that it’s breathable and allows your kids to move around comfortably.

Have fun with the middle layer since it is frequently seen after you remove the outer coat at various places for leisure activities and mealtimes.

Some of the more comfortable material you could choose for this layer would be fleece, down or wool. They are suitable for this layer due to their ability to help trap heat and keep warm while staying comfortable.

Checklist 3: Outer Layer 

Last but not least, the outer layer is the one that provides the most protection from external weather conditions. Do get a quality outer coat that is waterproof, windproof and breathable that could handle the unpredictable weather.

When choosing this layer, remember to give allowance for easy body movements and the other clothing layers below. 

Extra tips

  • Pack extra clothes for your kids in case of any emergency like a ketchup stain or a change of temperature! 

  • Don’t miss out on the accessories such as gloves, scarves and socks to keep them extra warm.

  • Invest in a pair of solid and comfortable winter boots for them to walk on snow or wet ground and keep their feet warm. Check out some of our winter shoes here.

Pack well and off you go!

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