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Takoyaki Delight by @somethingboutrenes

Takoyaki Delight by @somethingboutrenes

Here we have the pleasure of sharing a yummy recipe from lovely mama Serene @somethingboutrenes with her perfectly flavoured takoyakis! 

Takoyaki is a Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special moulded pan. For this recipe, feel free to use a regular pan for a flat but equally delicious takoyaki!

Here’s how Serene did it - follow her recipe and do send us some pictures of your finished product! (P.S. If your little one refuses to eat their greens, this is a good chance to sneak them in!)

For a watery batter:

-180ml Premix Batter powder from DON DON DONKI

-270ml of water

-1 egg

For fillings:


-Sliced cheeses



-Spring onions

For garnish:

-Takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise

-Alternative: Chili sauce and tomato sauce with Bonito flakes (all can be found from DON DON DONKI)

Here are some tips:

1. Use lots of oil! This helps the Takoyaki have crispy golden-brown skin and makes batter-flipping easy. 

2. Pour the batter generously. When you throw in the fillings, it should overflow naturally. 

3. Break the extra batter around the hole (if using a takoyaki pan) with a satay stick. Once the batter is golden brown, rotate and stuff the extra batter surrounding the hole inside the ball.

Have fun making this recipe with your little ones and enjoy this delicious treat. Head over to Serene’s page for more yummy recipes and blog posts!



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