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Welcome to PreLouLou | July 2021

Welcome to PreLouLou | July 2021

Beloved friends and children of PreLouLou,

PreLouLou is a love letter to our children. 

We know that parenting is hard and full of contradictions! On one hand, we love dressing up our kids in nice clothes at every stage of their lives. On the other hand, we are loath to spend a fortune on outfits that they will only outgrow in the blink of an eye. Our mission is to ease some of that bittersweet weight off your shoulders!  

Fashion production is one of the largest polluters in the world. We believe there's a responsible way to consume that doesn't harm the planet. Through conscious lifestyle decisions, we can collectively make a difference and show our children how this is done. This was how PreLouLou was born – our goal is to create a hassle-free way for parents to dress their kids up stylishly and affordably, yet minimise fashion’s footprint on our earth. At PreLouLou, we curate a large variety of pre-loved designer kids’ clothing so that you can shop for your favourite brands at budget-friendly prices, all without harming the planet. 

Choosing to live a more sustainable lifestyle doesn’t mean sacrificing the things you love! Instead, it’s about making kinder choices and being aware of the impact that our decisions have towards the planet - our gift to our children.

Welcome to the start of PreLouLou’s journey. On this blog we will share our parenting experiences, ideas for activities with our families, and above all, how we can all move towards sustainable fashion so that our children inherit a liveable planet. 

We are glad you stopped by and we hope you are here to stay! 



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